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we developed what has today become the industry’s most dynamic online reservations system. Fewer clicks to book mean the highest conversion rate in the industry. From this foundation, we have continued to build the system into one of the most comprehensive marketing-and-reservations programs available in the world.

We fulfilled this need with the most innovative hotel-booking solution on the market, one that drives bookings and provides incredible savings for our clients. Not to mention, we have the most personal and effective training and support available.

Clients never pay for system upgrades. The system is web-based, so there is no hardware to support. The tracking capabilities allow hoteliers to measure production from online marketing campaigns. When you combine our proven Internet marketing techniques with our reservation solutions, hoteliers get a crystal-clear picture of their Internet ROI.

Real-time Rates and Availability Information in Hotel Website

Reservation Page Features Promotional Items with Images
Comprehensive Reports to Monitor Reservation/Booking Activities - even DENIED Bookings due to unavailable inventory in the system
Customized Services Preference to Enhance Guest Pre-staying Satisfaction
User-friendly Reservation Page - Easy and Clear Navigation for Guests in Making Online Reservation.

Our hotel website designs serve many purposes:

  • Showcases a hotel’s unique characteristics.
  • Creates a visually appealing first impression for potential guests.
  • Integrates search engine-friendly features for maximized Web visibility.
  • Offers interactive elements that enhance the user experience.
  • Integrates with ANY online booking engine.
Differentiate Room Rates for Weekends / Weekdays
Enables Modification and Cancellation of Online Reservation
Enable Assignment of Designated Users to Access Specified Features, based on User Authority - for Better Security
•• Close sales immediately
•• Maximizing website power
•• Facilitate hotel up-sales
•• Minimizing operational costs
•• Generate pre-staying satisfaction for guests
•• Effective monitoring system

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